«  Public-Ideas collaborates with Caloga since 2006.
As historical players of performance email marketing, Caloga’s teams
have always found the trade-off between volume and traffic quality for our affiliation advertisers. Thanks to their deliverability expertise, Public-Idées
can maintain a tight and efficient relationship with its clients
while achieving its performance goals !
With an confirmed commitment on the acquisition emailing market, including
through its participation to the Emailing committee of the Affiliation
Platform Group, Caloga defends an efficient activity, respectful of
the Internet user : a vision shared by our platform.

Caloga’s launching of its products « Sending » and « Database Network » in 2013 is a big news for advertisers and publishers, who will finally be able to take advantage of this know-how on their own databases. »

MATTHIEU RAIFFÉ > Country Manager France

«  I have been working with Caloga for 7 years.
Today they are part of our top affiliates on most of
Affiliation programs managed by Havas Media.
Their approach « test, learn & optimize » has proven its worth and is today
very appreciated.

We almost always integrate Caloga in our discussions in a very early stage
of the campaign development, in order to benefit from their appoach
and their expertise on competition and deliverability. »

 > Affiliation/Emailing Manager

« Meetic works with Caloga since 2005 and we have created over the years, a strong partnership.
Caloga embodies a dual support for a brand like Meetic, through the recruited prospects, and through their instrumental advice (visual contents, AB testing, deliverability…).

The news challenges that appears today in every email marketing campaign, make Caloga an even more precious partner.
Their seriousness in their database management, and their very high level of ethics, are quite rare on the French emailing market In 2013, Caloga will finally offer this expertise to more clients, eager to take advantage of this high quality standard. Meetic is part of them.  »

CAROLINE LEMIÈRE > Affiliation Manager France

«  Over the years, Caloga and Zanox have worked hard to share
their expertise for the benefit of advertisers and their emailing campaigns.

Caloga is an exemplary publisher on the email lever :
its professionalism and its know-how have always been in harmony
with Zanox quality’s policy on this acquisition lever.

Caloga is part of those rare partners who are attractive
and make things possible. »

GUILLAUME GÉLIS > Country Manager France

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